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I've worked out for years and the TRX Bootcamp kicked my butt.  Dr. Kaiser promised I would be sore if I tried to keep up with the entire workout.  I looked around the room and saw a 70 + year old woman to my right and a 20 "ish" guy to my left.  The class started and the 70 + year old blew me away and the 20 "ish" guy laid on the floor half the class.  It was his second class.  Apparently the 70 + year old woman has take a lot of classes.  Impressive.  I was sore for about four days in all the right places though.

Tony G. -
Rumson, NJ


I first met Dr. Kaiser when he opened up his office in Red Bank.  He always had a cutting edge approach to his therapy for my low back and shoulder.  He told me over and over that my back was fine but my core muscles weren't doing their job and that was the source of the pain.  I tried the TRX classes when he opened up the fit club and he was right.  After building up my core I have zero low back pain now.  Seriously, zero.  I also have some abs to go with the disappearance of my back pain.  "All core, all the time!"

Jeff E. -

Red Bank, NJ

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